Monday, July 4, 2011

A gift from Jesse

I would like to thank everyone who has donated time, money, etc. in Jesse's name to various charities, organizations, benefits, schools, etc. It means very much to me.
Ed L.
And here is a gift to all from Jesse.


The old ocean gray hat,with its soft veil and hatpin

Left over from a hundred years past
It crowns the pale face touched with light rouge;
A face not old, with the creases of thought,
Nor young with the image of naivete
Completely awash with knowledge and understanding.

Fire dances in the hearth
Reflecting off a silver tea set
Laid out in front of her like jewels for a queen
The embossing, weathered gold, glints faintly off rows and rows of dark
book bindings.

Silently, that face turns to me.
Just a tiny move performed with such grace.
Then the smile, a smile so perfect, so indescribable,
Warm as autumn sunlight, yet soft as dark velvet night;
Comprehending my every thought
And soothing every worry.

Through the many distorted panes
Comes a failing November light
If adds to the image, just the touch of another dark color
to the antique rainbow framing the timeless face.

I turn away, attending to the infinite list of life.
And in that moment, as in every other moment following,
She is gone
The smile, the face with all its grace,
And the image is incomplete.

Jesse Lopata

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