Thursday, January 8, 2009

A belated thank you


Dear Jesse & Family

This is regrettably the thank you that was never expressed. Let this be a lesson to us all…
I’d like to thank you for being so kind to Evan when we first moved to Marlboro. You were always so genuine, generous and good.
Thank you for inspiring Evan to take up the violin. The gift of music is truly the gift that keeps giving. I can never truly thank you enough.
And I’m fairly certain it was you who introduced my boys to the “Red Wall” series. Those were fun days of literature and imaginary play.
Thank you for being such a nice companion to take along to pottery classes at Bonnie Stearns'. I loved your creations.
The entire community thanks you for your memorable and strong performances at the NEYT.
And, thank you for sharing your light with all of us; though not nearly long enough, most assuredly the brightest light.
Peace is yours eternal.
With much admiration, Carol Ann Johnson

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