Tuesday, January 6, 2009


More dress up! As two tall, bespectacled, scholarly, and polite young men at NMH - who happened to spend most of their time in the library's Reading Room - Jesse and I became sort of a unit. Some called us each others doppelgangers. On Hallowe'en of 2006 we decided to take this to another level and dress up as each other:

It was a lot of fun to see people's delayed reactions; it was commonplace to see us sitting together in the Reading Room, it just took people a minute to realize which of us was which (that's Jesse on the right and me on the left!). On most days between classes we could be seen, dressed as ourselves, seated on the couch or chairs in front of the fireplace. I enjoyed these normal days even more than the Hallowe'en when we switched.

It was great to play with him in our improvisational quartet Meat Pie, our forays to Northfield for Tea Society meetings were made far better by his stately presence, and I wont soon forget this Hallowe’en switch. But what I remember most about my NMH days with Jesse is the assured feeling I got every day when I came into the library and found him already studying there, or came to orchestra rehearsal and rosined my bow next to him and talked about the happenings of the day and the enormous amount of homework we still had for the night. I'm not sure what I'd have done without him.

Harlin Glovacki, Greenfield, MA (NMH '08)

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