Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jesse's Ship


Venture out to explore the far reaches of this universe. How could you resist, strong, brilliant, inspired being. You have moved through this world with grace, curiosity, humor and love, as you will move through every world you visit. Your deep knowledge of your infinite spirit has saturated your steps and will carry you with it. Your wise soul has chosen to bless us with your beauty before moving on to bless others and we thank you from the deepest place in our hearts. Your presence has changed us and has changed the world, as it will change all of the worlds you touch upon. Your presence will continue to change us as we incorporate your wisdom into every step we take. Last night you visited me in a dream. You were on a cruise ship waving goodbye to me. You smiled and rolled your eyes at the drama and absurdity of this choice of vessel for your journey, yet I knew that you were making all of the choices and that you'd chosen this ship just to show me the ever lightness of our journey. I say that I will take you with me into something I'm calling the future. As I say the word you laugh and roll your eyes again.

Until we meet again know how much I love you, how much we love you. Take that with you.

You laugh and roll your eyes at us, loving us back, knowing more than we ever can that you will never leave in the first place.

Forever with you,


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