Tuesday, January 6, 2009

From the librarians at NMH to our Keeper of the Clock

Jesse, you were one of our beloved regulars at the NMH Library. Everything about you stood out for us -- your sense of humor, your easy-going manner, your natty dressing, your intelligence.

I remember how happy I was the day you talked about how you hoped to be an architect someday and you shared your inspiring vision of how you would transform the NMH Library with a beautiful new addition.

Jesse, you know you had a special role for us in the library, as our Keeper of the Clock.

(An antique grandfather clock sits in the library. Jesse had noticed that the clock would often wind down and stop or the chimes would get out of sync. We were, of course, delighted to hand him the key to the clock and we never had to worry about the clock again once it was in Jesse's attentive care!)

The following is from a library blog entry about Jesse. (I'll need to post to this blog again, to talk about Jesse's performances as part of Meat Pie!) - Pam Allan

Here we have Jesse, a senior day student and clock winder extraordinaire. We caught Jesse in between classes to sit down for a little one on one.

Jesse: So, you're interviewing me, that's weird.
Nick: Yeah, my workjob is a little weird.
J: You think YOUR workjob is weird? I wind a CLOCK!
N: You do have a point. How did you get started on this clock winding adventure of yours anyway?
J: Well, technically I work in the archives, but winding the clock is something I was asked to do initially by one of the librarians - I think it was Pam. Anyway, I love the old fashioned mechanics of a real clock. Nothing beats that.
N: So, how often do you do it?
J: The clock is supposed to be wound about once a week, but I actually wind it twice a week.
N: Now that's dedication. Do you think you'll miss the clock next year once you're off to college?
J: Definitely. Winding that clock is a comforting ritual. I will certainly miss that.
N: Any ideas of who you'll take on as a clock winding apprentice?
J: I'm looking into that, and I'm actually considering interviews.

There you have it folks, and for those interested in become the next NMH Library clock winder keep an eye out!

(This was written before Jesse graduated from NMH. The clock key was passed on to Lysander. - Pam)


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  1. I am so glad Pam posted this picture and her entry. Jesse was indeed one of our beloved regulars, and I am happy he and other great kids made the NMH Library's Reading Room their on-campus home.

    Prayers to everyone who loves Jesse, as well as to the gentleman himself.

    - Alison Ernst, Library Director, NMH