Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's so amazing to realize just how many ripples of prayer and care have formed around Jesse in the past weeks...  from a children's Sunday school class in Oregon, to families on the coasts of MA, NJ and Washington State, to islands half-way across the world... and that's just the ones who are connected to our family.  To date, we've received over a hundred emails around Jesse.  It's also so wonderful reading other's connections on this blog (thanks Jane):  from all those at NMH to Meetinghouse Preschool (Paul!) to Brattleboro (Emily!)   Jesse is either going to walk out of the hospital or seamlessly transition into the light each of us sees in him.   Thank you...  your ripples support my own as we encircle each other in love throughout this tender journey together.

Kelly Salasin,  along with sons Aidan & Lloyd and husband Casey Deane
Marlboro, VT

PS.  Jesse also visited my dreams last week... he was en route with a friend.  I was in a library.

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