Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Perfect Pot of Tea

I think of Jesse every time I make a pot of tea- which is most mornings. Jesse has made me many a pot of tea at Lisa's house in a perfect teapot which he made himself when he was like 11. I remember one time he let me take on the task of the tea making while he got out the shortbread biscuits. I made it a bit too strong under his watch - he kindly kept it to himself how bitter I had made the tea until I myself said it was a bit too strong and he gently said- "well maybe just a little." From that point onward- in the mornings as I spoon the tea in the strainer I think "is this the amount Jesse would put in?"
I think I have gotten it down by now but it is still part of the morning ritual.
Jesse is a joy to chat with and one of my favorite people to have a conversation with, especially of his age, and I have a lot of favorite people of his age- I teach high school because I love people of his age. He is both from another time and in his own way completely contemporary cool- thoughtful and sharp, unique and classic and always interesting. I have always been anxious to hear what is going on in his life, what he is pursuing, what he has seen, what is inspiring him, what is going on in his world. Inevitably he was up to interesting things.
Jesse has enviable style! What other high schooler gets an antique couch reupholstered for a gift and looks for three piece suits at the thrift store? Beyond cool. The last time I was at Lisa's, before moving to Thailand, about half the furniture in her living room was part of Jesse's collection.
Going over to dinner at Lisa's was always a special affair when Jesse was home- the table laid out perfectly and beautifully by Jesse- always elegant. I was always excited for the chance to catch up. Jesse made time to tell me what was going on in his life, join our conversations and listens to the stories of our lives. He is the kind of person who is just fun to be around because his perspective is so unique and so purely - Jesse. And what a great twinkle in his eye!
We have been reaching out to everyone we know to pray for you guys. There are many people out there holding you with a lot of light and love. When we tell your story, Daniel always leads with "Jesse is the kind of person who transforms you when you meet him" and it's true. You are part of our extended family and we love you. You have changed our lives and made them richer by knowing you. Thank you for always being a reminder about how important it is to express your unique self and shine brighter because of it! Thailand feels so very far away right now we wish we were there in body more than anything. We are there with you in spirit for sure and every morning you are with me when I make my pot of tea. You are very much loved by many.
Robin and Daniel

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